Premium Smoking Accessories Delivered To Your Door Each Month 

 Customized based off your gender! With unexpected goodies for boys and girls alike! Shipped free within the US! 

Easy to order

Tell us your gender, select how many months and we take care of the rest.


We ship on the 20th of each month.  Don't worry no one will know whats inside.

Fits any budget

 We have 3 different versions for you to choose from.  We know you work hard for your money. That's why we send items that are worth you spending your cash on.  

Be a happier you

Let's be honest, Your happier when you smoke, your more fun to be around and maybe even better looking. Just join, you know you wanna.

What is the Premium Smokers Box?

Simply stated, it's the smokers box that gives you more then expected. We customize each box to ensure its personalized for the girls or the guys. Providing you with quality hand selected items to ensure all your smoking needs and desires are filled. 

With items relating to pop culture, movies, tv, gear, apparel and of course all the smoking accessories you need to light up, smoke up and enjoy

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

How many months do you want premium420box to arrive?

2. We create your custom box

Hand selecting each item, ready to make you happy!

3. Enjoy monthly premium items.

Open, Smile, Smoke and Repeat!

What's inside the box?

We thought you would never ask. What's in the box depends on what level of Premium you want. 

First are you a male or female, that right there will help us design a box that is more personal to you. 

Next we have 3 different box sizes for you to chose. 

Basic, for well, people that like to keep it simple. 

Premium - In this box you get 5 to 10 items. You will always get 1 glass piece and a pack of rolling papers. Everything else is random.

Ultra Premium - In this box you will get 10 - 15 items. You will always get 1 glass piece and a pack of rolling papers


What people say about Premium Smokers Box! 

Loved it! So much Pink! 

Christine Williams - Boston, MA


Finally a box that makes me feel happy each and every month.

Jessica B. - Cumberland, MD. 


Way more then I expected. Pipe was dope!

Vince Stakum - Reno, NV